About Glade Digital

Established in 2016, Glade Digital grew from a web development contracting service into a well-rounded web design and content creation studio.

We’ve built, managed, and maintained dozens of beautiful websites for small businesses across Leicestershire and beyond!

Sophisticated and seductive web design
We also have our fingers in these pies...
We keep your website backed up and maintained
Keeping all the nuts and bolts tightened

WordPress website hosting & maintenance

A website is like a home, and just like a well-maintained house, it needs a reliable server and a diligent maintenance crew.

We offer more than just hosting for WordPress websites: we provide a sanctuary for your online presence with our speedy, secure, and WordPress-optimised servers.

Our team ensures daily backups, weekly updates, troubleshooting, and even content changes as part of the deal.

Collaborating with talented creatives

White-label development for graphic designers

Looking to spice up your offerings as a graphic designer? Look no further! Our white-label development services are here to bring your designs to life and deliver uh-maze-ing websites to your clients.

With our white-label services, you can maintain your client relationships as their no. 1 go-to, while providing a full range of digital services. Let’s make your portfolio “pop” 😉

Whitelabel web development for graphic designers
Persuasive copywriting to encourage conversion
Not a writer? Not a problem!

Copywriting and SEO content

A website is only ever as good as its content. Not only must we create a feast for human eyeballs, but we need to make it tasty for meaty brains and search engine bots, too!

This is why we include copywriting or editing in our bespoke website packages as standard, and can also offer standalone copywriting packages for your web pages, blog posts, and social media content to help you gain traction wherever people engage with you online.

We believe knowledge should be freely available

Digital Marketing Guides

A website is only the beginning, so we’re working on building a library of comprehensive resources to help you make the most of your online presence.

Our tutorials and guides help you with your digital marketing efforts
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Who is Glade Digital?

Glade Digital is a micro-agency founded and managed by Lexi Black in Leicester, UK, which utilises a flexible team of creative and technical experts to produce the best solution for your budget.

For each project, we hand-pick your team from our brilliant UK-based network to complete your critical mission.

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