Life is all about balance, and sometimes shifting our perspective can help us to achieve amazing things – with or without tech! This is a place to learn more about a cultivating healthy mindset. From dealing with imposter syndrome, mental health and neurodiversity, to building good habits that can help you to be more creative, productive, and happy in your business, we hope you’ll find something here that can help you face the challenges of running and marketing your business.

The most overlooked aspects of business branding

3 overlooked aspects of branding

Building a strong brand is fundamental for any modern business, regardless of size. Your brand sets you apart from competitors and helps customers identify and connect with you! Unfortunately, many small businesses and freelancers overlook some vital aspects of branding, resulting in lost opportunities to stand out from the crowd

What do you do when your "why" is uninspiring?

When our “why” isn’t inspirational

Sometimes our reason for being in business isn’t noble or inspirational – it’s functional. How do we rewrite our story to inspire others and ourselves?

What is ‘holistic’ digital marketing?

A ‘holistic approach’ to digital marketing will focus on getting the best results with consideration for your budget, time, and skills. It’s all about knowing what’s important, and where to start.

Stop Selling Yourself Short

You’ve had your big idea, created your grand plan, but now what? Now comes the hard part – selling. Cue the imposter syndrome! You don’t have to be a 20-something, fresh-faced and naive, to feel anxiety when confronted by the task of sales. We’ve all been there – heck, I

Why your business needs to blog

There’s so much talk about blogging and writing articles for your website, but as a small business owner or sole trader, you might wonder why you’d spend time producing such content. Here are a few reasons to explain why it’s a good investment…

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Is AI Content writing killing human creativity

Is there a looming threat of AI Content?

If you’re responsible for marketing your business (or someone else’s), you’ve probably seen several social media advertisements for content-creation AI. Is it evil? Is it

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6 Ways to actually ENJOY Writing Blog Posts

You know you should blog, but are you struggling to find the motivation?

Imagine if it could be easy and enjoyable, so you could be more productive and unleash your creativity!