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So far, social media is defining the 21st century – and it’s never been easier to get your message out in front of millions of consumers across the globe! Unfortunately, there’s a lot of competition! These articles should help you rise to the challenge and cut through the noise and cat videos to help you build your loyal following.

The most overlooked aspects of business branding

3 overlooked aspects of branding

Building a strong brand is fundamental for any modern business, regardless of size. Your brand sets you apart from competitors and helps customers identify and connect with you! Unfortunately, many small businesses and freelancers overlook some vital aspects of branding, resulting in lost opportunities to stand out from the crowd

Content planning for your business

How to get started with Content Planning

Do you struggle to get your marketing content organised or to stay consistent? Remembering to post regularly to your social media accounts, or to publish weekly to your blog or email list, can take precious time and mental space away from other important tasks and leave you constantly feeling behind

Single-platform Digital Marketing can be deadly for your business

Recently, I’ve been working with a client (we’ll call him “Steve”) who found out the hard way that having all his digital marketing eggs in only two baskets (i.e. online platforms) could have devastating effects on his business, and I wanted to share this as a warning so that you

Are you guilty of using copyright content without permission?

Are you guilty of Copyright Infringement?

Never before in history has so much content been available for our enjoyment, education, and enrichment. Countless creatives display their skills and dedication across an array of mediums, both traditional and digital. You might ask what the value of that creativity is, especially when it’s in such abundant supply. And

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Is AI Content writing killing human creativity

Is there a looming threat of AI Content?

If you’re responsible for marketing your business (or someone else’s), you’ve probably seen several social media advertisements for content-creation AI. Is it evil? Is it

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6 Ways to actually ENJOY Writing Blog Posts

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