WordPress Web Design Services in Leicester

Not to boast, but we’ve been doing this for a while now — over 7 years!

As old-timey sages of the internet (relatively speaking), we know that a website should deliver exceptional experiences for your audience and work tirelessly to serve your business goals.

We’ve built websites for all sorts of industries, from social care providers and plumbers, to funeral celebrants and interior designers!

Web Design Services in Leicester UK
You want to know more, eh?
We build websites for almost every industry
Some might say we're crazy...

What, no industry niche?

It’s true, we haven’t “niched down” — and we’re quite proud of that!

Working with a wide variety of small and medium businesses means that every day we’re seeing something from a new perspective and can apply what we’ve learned to future projects to make them stand out in their industry.

It also means we can keep the risks of conflicting interests to a minimum when creating SEO-optimised content to rank keywords for multiple local clients 😉

Have a cuppa, we got this

Web design with a proven system

The real art of what we do isn’t the websites themselves (though they are gorgeous, if you don’t mind us saying so)  it’s in the way we put all the pieces together:

We'll build a website professionally using our refined workflows
Gettin' nerdy with it

The technical bits

A good business website isn’t just a smart mouth and a pretty face. We need brains and gusto behind that beauty. That’s why our websites are also:

Responsive to all screen sizes

What size is your screen? Probably not the same size as my screen.
What’s that? You have eight different screens? No problem.
Your website will look delicious on all of them.

Accessible to every visitor

Easy to read with a clean, high-contrast design, well-organised content, and intuitive navigation.
Thoughtful design makes experiences better for everyone.

Ready to appear in search results

Containing the ideal keywords and phrases that your dream customer will eagerly punch into their search bar to find you.

Streamlined for a hyper-connected, greener world

Because people are impatient maniacs on the internet when they have a problem that needs solving.
Also, faster load times = lower server energy consumption, which is better for the environment!

Hang on while we toot our flute for you...

Why should Glade Digital build your website?

Established in 2016, we’re a well-rounded web design and content creation studio.

We’ve designed, built, and maintained dozens of beautiful websites for all sorts of wonderful industries across Leicestershire and beyond!

But what you really want to know is:

How much does a website cost?

Okay, you got us – there’s a bit of a process to giving you a solid quote. We’re not trying to be shady, but if you asked a contractor to build a house, they wouldn’t be able to give you a flat fee, either, would they?

We bet you you want to see cold, hard figures, though, so we can tell you that you can expect to pay anywhere between £1,300 to £4,500 (sometimes more), depending on the complexity of your website project.

If you have a specific budget in mind, we’ll help you make the most of it with a bespoke package to suit your goals and resources.

For a no-obligation quote, book a free chat with us.

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