WordPress hosting & website care plans

Since 2017, we’ve been managing dozens of WordPress websites, and we’ve seen all sorts of weird bugs and strange server errors that would drive any sane person to utter madness.

Luckily, we were already mad here, so troubleshooting that sort of nonsense is right up our street!

Keep your WordPress website safe, fast, and problem-free with our hosting care plans
Hosting, tech support, and Website admin all in one
Unlimited content changes for your website
Stop rummaging around in the back

Unlimited content updates

Need to tweak your text, swap out images, or add a new blog post? No problem!

Send us your updates via email, and we’ll take care of it for you.

Always one step ahead

24/7 Uptime monitoring and troubleshooting

Sadly, you probably won’t be the first to know if your website has gone down.

Why? Because we will be the first to know!

…and we’ll probably have it fixed before anyone else wonders what happened.

Uptime monitoring and troubleshooting for your website
Email configuration for Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Zoho Mail, and Gmail POP.
This ain't no amateur hour

Professional emails configured for your domain

We’ll hook your domain up with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Zoho Mail, etc. – OR link emails up to a free Gmail account with an alias (you@yourdomain.com) to improve credibility and reduce the risk your emails will fall into a spam bin somewhere.

An end to thumb-twiddling

Faster than a squirrel with its tail on fire

Okay, we don’t actually know how fast that is, but we’re willing to bet it’s phenomenal – like our cloud hosting servers, which are specifically optimised for WordPress.

Oh, and they’re powered by 100% renewable energy. Because you didn’t think a business with a tree logo would settle for anything less, did you?

Speedy SSD hosting servers with caching and CDN
We keep your website backed up and maintained
Protecting your investment

Daily backups & weekly updates

Backups run every 24 hours while you sleep (assuming you’re a diurnal creature). These are automated and stored on two different servers for extra reassurance.

Once a week, we’ll also update your core WordPress software, themes, and plugins (and deal with any “what the hell just happened” conflicts that sometimes pop up).

Keeping out the baddies

Enhanced security and SSL certificates

To keep those cheeky miscreant fingers away from your beloved slice of Internet Pie, we’ll configure security features (such as scans and firewalls) and monitor reports for malicious activity.

We’ll also install an SSL certificate (included) so that visitors never see a warning about your site looking dodgy (oh, and it prevents their data from getting hijacked – that’s important, too!).

SSL configuration and security monitoring
The moment you've been waiting for...

How much does a website care plan cost?

Monthly subscriptions start at £49 a month for a brochure site, or £79 for an e-commerce or LMS (online course) website.

Did you know a website care plan could also do THIS?

Seriously, though – we’ve saved our clients hundreds of hours and buckets of tears.

You in?

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